Welcome and all aboard for “Captains All,” an adventure story with a surreal ending.

Frank Ellsworth Lockwood

Thank you for viewing my pages.

My name is Frank Ellsworth Lockwood, and I am the author of “Captains All: The Final Cruise”, released in November, 2013.

A Manchester, England boy rebels and runs away seeking adventures and freedom in America.

As a youth, the hero escapes religious bondage, the drudgery of the mines and what seems to him like servitude.

Decades later, the same hero becomes delirious when an earthquake collapses his cabin. He fantasizes that a horde of gods has surrounded his embattled ship. You might call it a coming of age story, but one for people of all ages.

This is a novel about freedom and belonging: The hero struggles to discover where he fits into the larger picture: The characters face physical, social, sand psychological barriers to freedom and self-determination, not to mention spiritual distractions. I hope that you will enjoy reading it.

Writing the book
Captains All
took well over ten years to write, and although I did not write 40 hours per week, the project consumed my life for the better part of 13 years. During this time I lost my wife of 38 years to pancreatic cancer. The first three years after her death, I wrote like a zombie: Everything took longer than normal. Then there was the time that my computer went down and I lost almost everything, most of my drafts. So  I had to start over. It has been a learning experience.

My next novel
People are always asking me, when will you begin your next novel? The answer is that I have been working on my next novel for most of my life. The most extensive part of writing a novel often takes place long before we ever turn on the computer and start pounding the keys. A lot of thought is involved, and there are sometimes dead ends. At times the process seems like a labyrinth, out of which we may never emerge. But I believe that if we are faithful, if we keep at it, a story emerges, just as the character in my first novel emerges from the sea, a book comes to life, gasping for its first breath, as we start to put the words on paper, or in my case, in the memory banks of my computer.

An expensive hobby
I have worn out several computers producing this work! The letters have long since worn off my two laptops. One of them has several keys missing, yet I type away. The computer that I am presently using is an ASUS and the keys are getting to the point that you almost have to pound them. This is starting to take a toll on my hands, so I may need to think about this. Do I need a new computer? Or can the old ones be repaired.

What computer next?
I seem to never discard these old laptops. Although I have gone through several desktop computers, I tend to keep the laptops. I got rid of one perfectly good desktop computer because I was running out of space for them all. Now I wish I had kept it, in case I ever want to use one for a server. Someone got a really good deal on that computer.

I better stop for now, as I seem to be rambling again. Cheers to all, and to all a good write.

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