Captains All: A one-sentence desription

A one-sentence summary: Boyhood adventures lead our hero to confront himself, and to forge new world-views. A forty-word summary: “A fourteen-year-old Manchester boy flees to America seeking freedom and independence: A surreal conflict with the gods has not been part of his plan, but a natural catastrophe renders him unconscious, and he boards a ghost ship among colorful characters,Continue reading “Captains All: A one-sentence desription”

The Entertainer Newspaper article

The Entertainer Newspaper article Just ran across this article that was posted in the Entertainer several months back. I had not posted it because (I think at least that) this web page did not exist at the time. Enjoy: Thanks to all of my good friends who have bought and read my book. IfContinue reading “The Entertainer Newspaper article”

Bonnie Jean says my book is good!

My sister Bonnie Jean Price of North Carolina called today to tell me that my book “Captains All” by me, Frank Ellsworth Lockwood, was really good!  Thanks Bonnie Jean! I am glad you liked it. I hope you don’t mind if I post an old-time photo of you here. Isn’t she a hearth throb? June 1961, kids!Continue reading “Bonnie Jean says my book is good!”

Welcome and all aboard for “Captains All,” an adventure story with a surreal ending.

Frank Ellsworth Lockwood Thank you for viewing my pages. My name is Frank Ellsworth Lockwood, and I am the author of “Captains All: The Final Cruise”, released in November, 2013. Overview A Manchester, England boy rebels and runs away seeking adventures and freedom in America. As a youth, the hero escapes religious bondage, the drudgeryContinue reading “Welcome and all aboard for “Captains All,” an adventure story with a surreal ending.”

“I am a carpent…

“I am a carpenter, just like Jesus was a carpenter. Whatever they need … I build it. Sometimes it’s a chapel!” He lowered his pitch … “Sometimes it’s a scaffold.” The new novel, “Captains All,” by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood, is about a lad whose father chooses a career for him, molds him, prepares him, indoctrinatesContinue reading ““I am a carpent…”

Three fast and easy ways to purchase “Captains All” online

Buy”Captains All” fast at the following links: Create Space: Amazon: Kindle: A great novel, a memorable tale, a must-read book by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood will take you back 100 years before your times, and bring you back again. Check it out!

The Book “Captains All” by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood is back at Kindle.

The book was in revision for a couple of days but now “Captains All” is live again at the Kindle Store, and with a money-saving offer. Check it out now at – ———————————– More things I am thankful for: “Captains All” has also been enrolled in KDP Select, which means it is available for readers toContinue reading “The Book “Captains All” by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood is back at Kindle.”

Captains All: The Final Cruise by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood is now available …

Short Description Manchester, England: A youth dreams of sailing to America, and ends up in the Selkirk Mountains, working on a transcontinental railroad until the “Snow Spirits” come and drive them away. As always, he returns to the sea. The new book “Captains All” ISBN-13: 978-1481988520 (CreateSpace-Assigned) ISBN-10: 1481988522 BISAC: Fiction / Action & Adventure (formerly “The Final Cruise”)Continue reading “Captains All: The Final Cruise by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood is now available …”